CHAPTER 1 - THe Summer Holidays Begin
"Golly, I wish that the Boys would be back soon" Said Anne, "Wats the point of going to School

trip rather then Being here with us to enjoy". "Woof" agreed Timmy, His tail wagging as he

remebered all the fun he had had with the children. THe children considred him as one of them. He

was a Huge mongrel and had helped the Children solve a lot of Mysteries. "I have to agree Anne,

THe hols have been dull without the boys" Said George "i hope they come back soon. I cant wait to

solve yet another Mystery". Anne was rather tired after a trying term at the school and would

have preffered a peacefull vacations but still She had to agree that she would prefer that the

Boys returned soon. They were at the Kirrin cottage with George's Mom and Dad spending most of

there time at the beach. They had Dinner a bit early that night and after a game of Cards They

went to Bed. "Night George, Good night Anne" Said Aunt Fanny and switched off the light. As soon

as she closed the door Timmy jumped on George's Bed and went to sleep...

THe next Morning George and Anne dressed up and went down for breakfast, Aunt Fanny handed a

letter to George and A postcard to Anne, And both started readingthere letters at great speed.

"George! The boys will be back by tommorrow. Isnt it great?" Shouted Anne After she had finished

her letter(Much to the irritation of her Uncle). "George, George, What happened?" George who was

reading the letter with her eyes Wide open replied Hastily "Oh! nothing its just a letter from a

friend" and pocketed the letter. Anne was surprised By her cousine's Queer behaviour but decided

its best to be quiet.

The whole day was quite uneventfull. The girls went shopping for Aunt fanny and went to the Beach in the evening for a stroll. "I have a feeling this holiday is going to be great" Said George lost in some thoughts. "Yeah, I cant wait for tommorow. The boys will come by the morning Bus. I think it arrives at 10 AM." Said Anne. "Yeah, lets go home and get some supper, i feel as if i havent eaten for ages"

After Supper the girls went to Bed Excited about the boys coming back. "wouldnt it be great to be together again?" Asked george and herself answered "We would go rowing, Exploring ad we can even have a Visit to My dear Island. And Who knows that we might even get a nice mystery to solve!" It was then she realized that she had been talking to herself, Ane had been asleep!. She too yawned and closed her eyes.

THe next morning George Awake to see Anne fully dressed. "you are very eager to meet old Ju and dick" she said witha grin. "Arent you?" Asked Anne. "Of course I m". She dressed up and went down to see that her dad was in one of his bad tempers that day. "He has again forgot where he had put some of his important papers" whispered her mom in her ear. She in turned wispered to to Anne "Dad is upset about loosing some papers. I dont want him to loose his temper the day the boys are coming back. Lets go to the market straight after Breakfast. I have to buy a new collar for timmy, His old one got stuck in a plank in his Kennel." ANne Understood why george was trying to avoid her Dad. She didt blame her. She too was afraid of Uncle Quetin's Awfull temper. She hastily added " Yeah, he looks like he is A stray dog with that tattered collar" "And we can go to recieve the boys straight from there." Uncle Quentin looked down from his news paper and gave a tiny Nod. As soon as they had finished the brekfast and helped Aunt fanny with the dishes they ra out and in Excitement bumped the door loudly, much to the annoyance of Uncle Quentin

Choosing a collar for timmy was more difficult then it seemed. Nothing that was displayed looked much impressive to either George or Anne. But at last they saw a collar that they were looking for "Look george, this oe has got Diamonds embedded in it" shouted Anne. George looked take aback for a moment but then realized what Anne was saying "Oh! silly, they are cheap stones. Fancy having Diamonds in a Dog collar" Anne looked silly and much to her annoyance the shopkeeper poked his head to see if they had selected anything or not. "So you have selected this" He said with ethusiasm "good taste i should say." Anne was pleased "Thank you, how much is it?" The shopkeeper said "Oh! this one is very cheap. It is from India. Let me get the exact price. just one second" "What a coincidence" said George suddenly who looked very much lost in her own thoughts. "What is a coincidence george?" asked a confused looking Anne. George looked as if she had been woken from sleep, "Nothing, lets hurry up otherwise we will be late for catching the Bus. We have wasted a lot of time here." The second time in this hols Anne noticed that George was a bit peculiar. "What i she upto?" thought Anne. Dont worry Anne you will soon come to know. But for now you should hurry up or you would be left behind.

Both of them reached the Bus station and the bus arrived as they were parking there bikes. They looked for Julian and Dick. "Where are they?" Asked Anne who looked worried, " Do you think we are late George?" At last julian And dick decended and Timmy ran to greet them with excited barks and licks. "How have u been old Tim?"Spoke julian in his calm voice. "Hey i have missed u a lot guys. Its great to see you" spoke anne looking happy. "You idiots, you went away on a silly school trip and have wasted around a week of the hols" said george in a complaining tone but at the same time giving them a huge grin. Dick gave her a friendly punch "but now we are back and ready to have fun"

They took there bicycles off and headed towards there favourite ice-cream shop. When they reached there they found it full of customers. They were not surprised as Kirrin village had become quite popular among tourists due to its peacefull environment, Fantastic beaches and small offshore isles, One of which George had inherited from her mother. "You must be tired after your jourey, Find some place to sit, I will order ice creams and Ginger bear for all of us" Said George. "Yes for you too timmy" She added with a grin as tim was gazing at her in the most humble manner. Anne took the chance To tell the boys about george's queer behaviour, "Ju, Dick, i got to tell u something". "Well cant it wait untill george comes," Julian replied "Otherwise u would have to repeat the whole thing" Anne was admant
"No its about her only" She looked a bit hesitant but decided to let it all out "Well she is behaving a bit strange, you know".
"What do you mean by strange"
"well first she recieved a letter which she refused to share with me and the sometimes she lookes a bit lost in dreams"
Julian said "well, i can sniff another mystery dear Anne"
But dick cut in between "Oh nonsense, Cant u both see. Its as clear as it could be."
But they were still unable to understand. "Guys, our dear George has got a boyfriend. Thats it"
Both Anne and Julian were weighing the possibility when George appeared between the crowd with a tray full of ice-cream, a sight that would make everyone forget all worries. Timmy was following her waiting for the time when he would get the chance to swallow all his ice cream in one Big gulp. But Julian wanted to get the matters straight "George, Anne has just been telling us about your rather strange behaviour"

"Oh! Have i been obvious?"
"Yes you have been george... That letter, your dreaminess and all" cut in Anne
"We have got only one thing to ask george" said Dick "Who is he?"
"What? What do you mean by that? You Idiots. What story are you makig? Who is who?" Anne thought that either George was speaking the truth or she had practiced for the moment a lot of times.
"Come on George, Be a sport. You wont tell your dear cousines"
"But what the hell have i got to tell?"
"That what is the name of the boy you have started liking?" said Julian
George looked taken aback and then replied after a moment
"You have got it all wrong guys. The secret is something else" Said george with a mischiveous twinkle in her eyes. "and its time I told you"

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